Sunset from Transmountain Road

On a recent evening, as my wife and I relaxed in our pool while seeking relief from the heat that is so typical of El Paso in June, I happened to look skyward and watched with interest as the clouds rolled by. Because cloudless skies are the norm here (other than during the July/August monsoon season), I thought to myself that this might be turning into a good set-up for a colorful sunset since clouds are one of the key ingredients to a colorful sky.

Having had enough floating around in the pool for one day, and knowing that we had less than an hour to go before sunset, we quickly got ourselves ready and hopped in the car for a quick drive over to the scenic lookout on Transmountain Road on the west side of El Paso’s Franklin Mountains, where we would have a nice view of El Paso’s upper valley as well as southern Dona Ana County, New Mexico. As luck would have it, we arrived less than five minutes before the sun began to sink behind the horizon. Although I was planning to use a tripod to capture some bracketed shots for an HDR image, there was little time for set-up, so I ended up shooting hand held instead.

While there was quite a bit of haze in the air, most likely due to forest fires in nearby southern New Mexico, I did eventually capture two images that I liked. The first was a capture of the sun as it was already half-way down behind the horizon and the second was immediately after the sun had disappeared but while the sun still reflected it’s orange light on the clouds.



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