Windy City Blows Through McKelligon Canyon

On Thursday, May 23rd, El Paso’s own Chicago tribute band, Windy City, headlined the opening night for the Cool Canyon Nights free concert series in the McKelligon Canyon amphitheatre. For anyone who has not yet attended a concert at the McKelligon amphitheatre, this is arguably El Paso’s best music venue. Nestled deep within the canyon walls of the Franklin Mountains, the amphitheatre offers a beautiful open-air setting with seating for approximately 1,600 people.

On this particular night, there was a near-capacity crowd on hand as Windy City performed the hits that made Chicago famous during the ’70s and ’80s and which have retained their enduring popularity. At one point, a member of the audience correctly answered a Chicago trivia challenge and won the right to join the band onstage to sing the words to the well-known hit, “Color My World.” While many people in that situation might have shrunk from the chance to show off their singing skills, this gentleman (pictured below with the tattoos, plaid shirt, and microphone in hand) had a great stage presence and a voice to match.

For those that missed the show, there will be another opportunity to catch Windy City on August 9th when they perform at the downtown Arts Festival Plaza for the “Alfresco! Fridays” free concert series.











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