Franklin High School Volleyball

I recently had the opportunity to shoot photos at a couple of high school volleyball matches at the request of a neighbor that has two daughters (one senior, one freshman) who play for the girls’ varsity volleyball team at Franklin High School here in El Paso. Although I had never before attended a volleyball match at any level and really hadn’t done very much sports shooting before, I welcomed the opportunity as a new experience.

The first match I attended happened to be versus Franklin’s arch rival, Coronado High School. Franklin and Coronado are the two west-side schools in town and they share an intense rivalry in athletics, academics and everything in-between. They also happen to be among the best volleyball squads in town, so we were in for a show. The Coronado gym was pretty close to capacity and the crowd energy level was quite impressive as the respective student sections on each side of the gym took turns hurling fun chants back and forth at each other.

As previously mentioned, I had never attended a volleyball match before and I was quite impressed with the athleticism these young ladies displayed on the court. Trying to capture the fast-action spikes, leaps and dives was quite a challenge.

In the end, Coronado came away with the victory, but it was an entertaining match nonetheless.






Two weeks later, I attended Franklin’s final regular-season home match, versus cross-town opponent Eastwood High School. Before the match commenced, special recognition was given to Franklin’s graduating seniors as this would be their last game in their home gym.

Although the intensity-level of the contest with Eastwood didn’t match that at Coronado, it was still another entertaining match and this time Franklin prevailed.






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