Road Trip to White Sands and Ruidoso, New Mexico (Part 2 of 2)

After an unusually time-consuming drive from El Paso to Ruidoso by virtue of numerous stops along the way, we finally reached our destination in the cool pines of Ruidoso’s upper canyon. Had we taken the most direct route and made no stops, we could have made the drive in a little over two hours. However, with all of our stops — the longest being at White Sands, which was well worth it — the actual travel time ended up being closer to seven hours. Nevertheless, we finally arrived at our rental cabin, a little tired but looking forward to spending the next few days in the mountains of southern New Mexico.


Road Trip to White Sands and Ruidoso, New Mexico (Part 1 of 2)

In search of a change in scenery and relief from the summer heat, my wife and I and our son and his girlfriend recently decided to take a road trip from El Paso to spend a few days up in the cool pines of Ruidoso, New Mexico. Before heading straight to Ruidoso, however, we chose to take a little detour to spend a few hours taking in the beautiful desert scenery at White Sands National Monument.


Green Chile Cheeseburger in Paradise

Hatch, New Mexico may not be the place Jimmy Buffett had in mind when he sang his song about a cheeseburger in paradise, but the fine folks at Sparky’s in Hatch, New Mexico know a thing or two about green chile cheeseburgers.


El Paso’s Mission Trail

El Paso, Texas is a city with an interesting history as it relates to the early interactions between Spanish explorers and the indigenous peoples of the region. (more…)

Sunset from Transmountain Road

On a recent evening, as my wife and I relaxed in our pool while seeking relief from the heat that is so typical of El Paso in June, I happened to look skyward and watched with interest as the clouds rolled by. Because cloudless skies are the norm here (other than during the July/August monsoon season), I thought to myself that this might be turning into a good set-up for a colorful sunset since clouds are one of the key ingredients to a colorful sky.